Growth & Progression

Individualized Treatment Plans

Paired with the expertise of your family, young people will have a strong support network of professionals working with them. This highly skilled service team consists of the program director, psychologist, family therapist, family support worker, key worker, school principal, and caseworker.  

We see incredible growth and progression during the treatment phase – we see young people practicing new ways of being.

Our Process

The service team collaborates and provides broad objectives or themes for the services. The objectives and themes become integrated into the daily goals of the young people. Through continual monitoring, assessment, intervention, and collaboration, we celebrate successes as well as make any necessary changes in the treatment plan.

Our Programs

Although we do have a wide variety of programs that are available to everyone, our team does hand-pick the most suitable programs to weave into the routines and treatment plans for each youth. Our programs cover five main areas:

  • Recreation
  • Family
  • Indigenous Culture
  • Education
  • Clinical Therapy

Discover our programming 


Athabasca Lodge

Athabasca House is a rustic cedar log home that offers a comfortable living environment.

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Jasper Lodge

This rustic cedar home is specifically designed for higher developmental needs with age ranges between 12 and 15 years.

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Cavell Lodge

A calm and soothing lodge designed for long-term placements.

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What's Next

After finding success during treatment, the final phase is dedicated to making sure the transition back home will be successful for the young individual and your family.

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