Customized for your Needs

Oak Hill Ranch offers a complete and diverse range of support for the young people living with us. We build personalized programming that is based on the needs of your family and the young person. 

Our overarching developmental domains, include Health, Education, Identity, Family and Social Relationships, Emotion and Behaviour, and Self Care.

Community Integration

Living at Oak Hill Ranch means being a part of the larger community. Young people living with us participate in community activities such as employment, scouts, organized sports, flyer/paper routes, and community events.

Getting involved with the community during their time at Oak Hill is both beneficial for our therapeutic process and also for the young person when they transition back to their family and community. 

Life Skill Development

Basic life skills are essential for successful living. At Oak Hill, we support our young people as they develop their skills in areas including:

  • Communication
  • Chores
  • Self-care
  • Studying
  • Employment preparation
  • Meal preparation
  • Community resources

In the summer months we expand our program with:

  • Cooking 
  • Interactive Drama
  • Art
  • Listening and Following Direction
  • Expression of Feeling
  • Helping Others
  • Self Control
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Goal Setting