Athabasca Lodge

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Athabasca Lodge accommodates youth between the ages of 10 and 12. Older Youth may be placed here if their developmental needs are best supported by programming orientated to this age group. Typically young people with Alcohol-Related Neuro-developmental Disorder (ARND), Organic Brain Disorders, and Developmental Delays are sometimes better served in this environment. 

The program provides a carefully balanced environment emphasizing nurturance, consistency, and predictability. 

This highly structured setting incorporates consistent rules, routines, and activities that feature visual cues, posters, charts, motivational systems, and repetitive hand-over-hand assistance and teaching. 

Our staff is highly committed to nurturing through activities such as basic care tasks, play, and storytelling. Community programming includes activities such as flyer routes, paper routes, pottery classes, and participation in community celebrations and events.