Who We Are

For over 50 years, Oak Hill Ranch has provided comprehensive treatment to young people who have status with Children’s Services. The strategies and support that our residents receive during their stay at Oak Hill Ranch helps them to regain control, find happiness, and move forward successfully in life. 

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We provide an environment that:

  • Builds caring relationships
  • Has high expectations
  • Is full of opportunities for contribution & participation

Our Ranch

Oak Hill Ranch is located on a beautiful 160-acre tree-lined property located in a rural setting approximately 40 km north of Edmonton near the town of Bon Accord. The quiet country atmosphere provides a relaxing setting that enhances the therapeutic nature of the services offered.

Our Care Principles

Oak Hill’s core values provide the foundations of our programming, case practice, and interactions with children in order to create the conditions for change in children's lives.

Developmentally Focused

  • All children have the same basic requirements for growth and development.
  • Children learn best when skills are within their zone of proximal development.
  • Children need support to engage their innate capacity to grow and develop.

Family is actively involved

  • Contact with the family is an indicator of successful treatment.
  • Planning for adequate community support is essential for a successful return.
  • The child’s ethnic and cultural identity is tied to the family.


  • The ability to form relationships is associated with healthy development and life success.
  • Relationships are central to helping children build competencies.
  • Children respond to people they trust.


  • Problem-solving skills, flexibility, critical thinking, and insight are necessary life skills.
  • Focusing on strengths and positive attributes help build a positive identity.
  • The child’s personal strengths and resources are the biggest factors in making positive change.


  • Trauma has a debilitating effect on children’s growth and development.
  • Maintaining a non-coercive and safe environment is essential for children to learn new responses to stressful situations. Challenging behaviour is often pain-based behaviour.


  • Children learn by interacting with their environment.
  • The environment is influenced by the interactions with the children and staff.