Getting Started

Assessment, Engagement & Stabilization

Our first month together is all about getting to know the young person and establishing trust. During this first month we tackle our standard admission procedures, orientation, and complete three key benchmarks: assessment, engagement, and stabilization. 

Our biggest priority is to create a warm, safe environment for treatment to be successful. 

The First 30-Days

During this first month, our team is fully engaged in making our new residents feel comfortable and welcomed. Young people are validated, appreciated, and reassured that they are in full control of the positive experiences that will be cultivated here. You will be working collaboratively with a key worker and psychologist to establish your treatment plan.

The New Routine

A balanced foundation is key for a young person to thrive. This is why having a predictable, fulfilling routine helps our residents fully-engage with the Oak Hill Ranch experience.

New residents will:

Your Home

Kicking Horse Lodge

With programming designed to engage, orient, assess, and stabilize, Kicking Horse Lodge is an ideal place for new admissions.

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What's Next

After the introduction to life at Oak Hill, young people move to the second phase, Growth & Progression, where they have an Individualized Treatment Plan and are fully engaged in programming.

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