Theory & Program Model

Our Approach

Our positive and transparent approach allows our team to build and maintain strong relationships with the young people who live with us. In every interaction we have, with both children and their families, we strive to create a constructive and genuine environment where progress can thrive.


Respect is at the heart of Oak Hill Ranch. We respect and honour the young people and families we work with, their history, home-life, and mindset. Through our mutual understanding and shared interest, strong connections are formed around the young person that will support and empower them as they find their footing and reclaim successful living.

We are a constant friend and ally of the young people who live with us.

Continuity of Care

Our conversation with you will likely start when you are experiencing some of your most challenging times; we'll be there with you through it all.

We fully collaborate with you throughout treatment, so you are an active participant in your child’s successes. This is essential to maintain the progress achieved here at Oak Hill Ranch once the young person returns back to their home and community.

At the end of treatment, you will be equipped with the knowledge and strategies to support your child moving forward.

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Treatment Phases

Phase 1: Assessment, Engagement & Stabilization

The first 30 days living with us is all about getting to know the young people and establishing trust. During this first month we tackle our standard admission procedures, orientation, and complete three key benchmarks: assessment, engagement, and stabilization. 

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Phase 2: Treatment

Everyone is unique, coming to us with a range of experience and history. Our treatment plans will be based on the primary reason for service, the care requirements for creating a stable and predictable environment during their stay with us, and the professional recommendations of our service team. 

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Phase 3: Transitioning and Re-unification

The final phase in living with us is dedicated to preparing the young people and their support network for life after Oak Hill, their transition back home, into a substitute family, independent living, or other community living situation. 

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